PROGRAM » What is S.P.E.C.?

What is S.P.E.C.?


S.P.E.C. is what you can expect to see in every one of our classrooms.
  • Teachers monitor, listen, and analyze student understanding.
  • Teachers provide opportunities for students to manipulate, grapple with, and apply knowledge.
  • Teachers adapt lesson to fit students' needs and interests.
  • Teachers utilize multiple assessments to determine student strengths and knowledge.
  • Teachers encourage student collaboration and peer coaching.
  • Teachers create "challenges" with increasingly complex problems to solve.
  • Teachers facilitate by asking questions.
  • Teachers celebrate all student work.
  • Teachers create increasingly authentic scenarios and real-life challenges.
  • Student are "doing" with hands-on activities throughout all content areas.
  • Teachers allow students to experience "failure" and celebrate the learning that comes with it.
  • Teachers group students in varying group sizes and make-ups.
  • Teachers create a safe and productive learning community.
  • Teachers create opportunities for reflection.
  • Teacher support respectful debate.