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Volunteer Information

Screening: For the safety of students, all prospective volunteers will be asked to complete a volunteer form, provide a photo ID, provide a current TB test (which must be within the last 60 days, Ed Code 49406 & AB 1667), Sexual Harassment Training (please provide certificate), Mandated Child Abuse Reporting Training( please provide certificate) and complete a livescan specifically for Sycamore Academy.  In addition, we will also complete a Megan’s Law background check on your application.  
Confidentiality: What you hear and observe about students, families, and staff while volunteering on campus is confidential. Child Neglect and Abuse Reporting: School volunteers are obligated under mandatory child reporting laws to report any suspected child neglect or abuse. If you suspect child abuse, please contact CPS immediately.
Supervision: Volunteers perform under the direction and supervision of school personnel. Volunteers should know and follow school policies and rules. SASCA, in its discretion and without a statement of reason, may suspend any volunteer from further volunteer activities at any time.
All on-campus volunteers must sign in the office prior to entering a classroom. When you sign in, you will be issued a badge for that day.
If you would like to volunteer, please call the office to schedule a time. 
CHAPERONES  FOR FIELD TRIPS - All volunteers that would like to chaperone any school field trips are required to have livescan fingerprinting for our school (this is not transferable from one organization to another). The form to take to get livescanned is available in the front office.  There is a fee associated with livescans. The school does not want a financial burden to prohibit a parent from participating in any school events.  If you have a financial need, please contact Barbara Hale, Executive Director, as qualified individuals may be able to be reimbursed by our Foundation for up to 50% of the cost ([email protected] or (951) 473-5370).  All of the necessary paperwork must be turned in to the front office before field trip deadlines (notices of field trip deadlines will be sent out via email). 
Can't help out on campus?  We participate in the following programs that you can do from home.  We collect Campbells Soup labels for education and Box Tops which are on various products in the supermarkets.   We are able to send in and receive playground equipment or various other items for the school.  If you would like to help by participating in these programs collect them, cut them out, and bring them into the school office. 
  • Campbells Soup labels for education
  • Box Tops
  • Can pull tabs